Leading young people in a genuine and growing relationship with
Jesus Christ.

At Kingfisher, we want to encourage all of the young people that we meet to become all that God has made them to be. We want to help them develop in their gifting, find passions they didn’t know they had, get to know God on a personal level and be comfortable in inviting their friends to do the same.

One-Eighty is the overall name for all our youth work that goes on at Kingfisher. On sunday morning and evening services we have sessions aimed at young people to go out to and have some bible teaching that is more relevant to them.

Detonate is our group that meets on a Friday night at church from 6-8pm. These are evenings of playing games, hanging out and generally having a good time with each other and building friendships.

Root is a connect group aimed specifically at Sixth-Form aged teens. It provides an opportunity to gather and go a bit deeper in some issues of faith but also gives another chance to pray together and build closer friendships with each other.

Upcoming Ministry Events

Events for Young People at Kingfisher