“Let them praise your great and awesome name— he is holy”

Our Worship Team is called “Engage” and our mission is to build a team that is growing in relationship with God and each other, striving for excellence in all we do, in order to role model and lead Kingfisher Church in the praise and worship of Jesus Christ.

We want to help people develop their musical gifting but most important for us is developing that heart of worship so that we can more fully give God all the praise he is due and encourage the Church to join. If you have a musical or technical gifting (we also have audio tech roles and other technical roles) and a desire to see the church more effectively worship God then you’re welcome.

Our aims:

  • To point the way to God
  • To serve God and His church
  • To enable people to express thanks, praise and adoration to God
  • To draw the church together through our corporate times of worship
  • To continually seek to improve the quality of what we do – excellence in music though not at the cost of elitism
  • To deepen our relationship with God through personal and corporate bible study and prayer


We’ve been very fortunate to have the privilege to write and record some of our own songs over the last couple of years which have been incredibly fun, inspiring and challenging experiences for us as a team. The result has been songs that reflect what God has been speaking into the life of our church over these periods. Below is a couple of videos of just a few of the songs we’ve made.

Fix My Eyes on You

Set me on Fire

There is Light