My Child




So what would our Father say to us and how can we become more open to hearing what He has to say? Those are the questions that ‘My Child’ sets out to address. Through six chapters which can be read over a period of 40 days, ‘My Child’ helps us to identify and overcome the most common barriers to hearing our Father speak to us and experiencing His love at a new, more profound level.

Each daily reading contains a word of encouragement from the Father to you, His child, a verse to read, a point to consider, a question to ponder and a prayer to pray. The truth is, our Father does not just speak occasionally to the few who been promoted into His ‘inner circle’, He is desperate to have an ongoing conversation with each one of us all the time.

In fact, if you will just stop now, be still, you may just hear two words from a familiar voice:

“My child…”


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