This is a database containing all of the books in our church library. You can search and sort by category, title or you can go through a page at a time. During this time of the COVID-19 lockdown Andy Gatt, who manages the library, is offering to drop books round to houses to help encourage people in their walks with God during this time.

If you would like to ask for a book then please fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page or give Andy a call.

Book No
412100 Stand-Alone Bible StudiesWilcock, P9780857214195Bible Studies
468199 Promises Of GodValue Books9781597897044Bible Studies
42721st Century Parent DVDParsons, R5014182055791DVDCourse
42621st Century Parent User GuideParsons, R251-09Parenting
130 Day Praise Challenge, TheHarling, B9780781408950Worship
2365 Children's PrayersWatson, C9780745914541Children
3365 Read-Aloud Bedtime Bible StoriesBarbour9781557482648Children
490 Minutes In HeavenPiper, D9781842912270Biography
417A Boy And His BibleHicks, R, & Gupta, J9780755479702Biography
472A Heart Like HisManley Pippert, R9780851108889Bible Studies
5A King For Israel LBS 17Frank P & Morris T9780745917627ChildrenLion Bible Story
487A Lifetime Of Wisdom - Embracing The Way God Heals YouEareckson Tada, J9780310273424Suffering/Healing
6A Pilgrim's ProgressBunyan J/McCaughrean G9780340844106ChildrenFiction
7A Prophetic Vision For The 21st CenturyJoyner, R9780785269366Understanding Christianity
8A Sneaking SuspicionDickson, J9781876326906Youth
9A Treasure DeepGansky, A9781593106706Fiction
10A Wayne In The MangerPhinn, G9780141026886Children
444A Year According To IshmaelIshmael9781853454356Devotional
409A Year In ChinaPerrywell, J & Sack, V9781850788157Biography
11Abraham Friend Of God LBS 4Frank P & Morris T9780745917498ChildrenLion Bible Story
12Adam And Eve LBS 2Frank P & Morris T9780745917474ChildrenLion Bible Story
13Adventures In A Foreign LandGibbard, L9781909728844Mental Health
14After AlphaGreen M9781842910245Understanding Christianity
15Air I Breathe, TheGiglio, L9781842911860Worship
458All Questions Great And SmallPlass, A & Lucas, J9781444793161Questions
16Amazing Technicolour Pyjama Therapy, TheAckerman, E9781910012123Suffering/Healing
17Ambushed In Jaguar SwampJackson, D & N9780764220142ChildrenFiction
18Amplified Bible, TheZondervan9780310951681Bible/NT
510An Introduction To The Christian FaithLynx Communications9780745923840Understanding Christianity
418And For Your ChildrenLeach, C & J9781854242495Children
532And If Our God Is For UsChris Tomlin5099969344428WorshipCD
19Art Of Daily Resilience, TheDuncan, D9780857217813Suffering/Healing
415Bacon, Sandwiches and SalvationPlass, A9781850787235Understanding Christianity
480Baker Topical Guide To The BibleElwell, W A9780801022555Bible Studies
20Baptists And UnityChampion, L GNoneUnderstanding Christianity
21Basic ChristianityStott, J9780851103532Understanding Christianity
22Battlefield Of The Mind For KidsMeyer, J9780446697644ChildrenMental Health
23Battlefield Of The Mind For TeensMeyer, J9780446697644YouthMental Health
24Becoming A Contagious ChristianHybels, B & Mittelberg, M9781898938064Growing
25Becoming Fishers Of MenVan Dooren, L A TNoneBible Studies
496Bedtime Stories Of JesusLane, L & Bishop, R9781853452659Children
26Beggar King, TheHamilton, D9780830816712ChildrenFiction
27Beginnings, TheEdwards, G9780854763818Children
28Beka 1 The MasqueradeSumpolec, S A9780802464514YouthFiction
29Beka 2 The AllianceSumpolec, S A9780802464521YouthFiction
30Beka 3 The PassageSumpolec, S A9780802464538YouthFiction
31Beka 4 The RevealSumpolec, S A9780802464545YouthFiction
32Beka 5 The EncoreSumpolec, S A9780802464583YouthFiction
33Best MatesHartman, B9781904637547Children
34Best Mates TooHartman, B9781860248054Children
35Betrayer's Fortune, TheJackson, D & N9781556614675ChildrenFiction
36Better TogetherPurpose Driven9781417403257Community
536Bible Handbook Of Difficult Verses, TheMcDowell, J & S9780736949446Bible Studies
450Bible Jesus Read, TheYancey, P9780310228349Understanding Christianity
448Bible Quiz CardsDK9780751362749Questions
509Bible User's Manual, TheBalchm, Field, Longman9780851106427Bible Studies
37Big Fish And The Prophet, TheBox, S & Connor, S9781785066504Children
474Birth Of An Exciting Vision, TheSwindoll, C R849984394Bible Studies
488Bitter RoseCarlson, M9781576835364Youth
38Book Of God, TheWangerin, W9780745939834Bible/NT
39Book Of James Vol 1: Developing A Faith That WorksPurpose DrivenNoneGrowing
40Book Of Secrets, TheLee, K9781844273423ChildrenFiction
41BST: Lord Is King, TheWallace, R S851105890Bible Studies
42BST: Songs From A Strange LandGoldingay, J851105866Bible Studies
429Build A Stronger Family In The 21st CenturyParsons, RDVDPA4DVDCourse
43Building Relationships With God's LovePurpose DrivenNoneCommunity
529Burning LightsChris Tomlin5099960707727WorshipCD
538Case For A Creator, TheStrobel, L310241448Understanding Christianity
44Case For Christ, TheStrobel, L9780310339304Biography
45CEV Into The Light BibleBible Society9780564094752Bible/NT
46Chameleon Lady, TheHamilton, D9780830816729ChildrenFiction
47Chasing GodSmith, A9781433676611Growing
48CherishedGardner, R9781844743896YouthWomen
49Chicken Soup For The Christian Teenage SoulHCI Teens9780757300950Youth
50Children's Letters To GodHample, Marshall & Bloom9781856266826Children
431Christ And The Chocolaterie - A Lent CourseBrand, H9780232524574Bible Studies
51Christian And The Pharisee, TheKendall, R T and Rosen, D9780340908747Questions
52Christian CounsellingCollins, G R9780850091212Mental Health
434Christmas PresenceLacey, R9780310937814Understanding Christianity
53Christmas Story, TheWilliamson, K9781859859414Children
405Church Behind The WireMam, B9780802405975Testimony
54Come Down Zacchaeus LBS 43Frank P & Haysom J9780745917887ChildrenLion Bible Story
524Come Heal This LandRobin Mark768192726WorshipCD
55Conspiracy Of The InsignificantRegan, P9781842913697Youth
546Crash The ChatterboxFurtick, S9781601424563Growing
56Creation, Evolution & ScienceCollyer J V951799215Questions
57Cruden's Complete Concordance To The Old & New TestamentsCruden, A718802020Bible Studies
58Daily PowerGroeschel, C9780310343271Devotional
59Dance With The DevilHarper A/Pugh H9780860658504Biography
60Daniel In The Lion's Den LBS 27Frank P & Morris T9780745917726ChildrenLion Bible Story
61David and Goliath LBS 18Frank P & Morris T9780745917634ChildrenLion Bible Story
62David and Goliath LBS 18Frank P & Morris T9780856487439ChildrenLion Bible Story
63David WilkersonBarker, G9780551027824Biography
64Dawkins' GodMcGrath, A9781405125393Understanding Christianity
65Day By Day Volume 3BRF9780745932507Devotional
66Death Of A GuruMaharaj, R R with Hunt, D340223464Testimony
447DeliriousSmith, M9781434702371Worship
485Devil Has No Mother, TheCruz, N9781444703320Testimony
67Diary Of A Disciple Luke's StoryWillis, G9781785065149Children
68Diary Of A Disciple Peter & Paul's StoryWillis, G9781785065699Children
465Diary Of A Longing HeartBingham, D907927823Devotional
69Dirty Little SecretGross, C9780310271079Suffering/Healing
70Discipling The BrotherJeschke, M0836116712/195Growing
71Do What Jesus DidDawkins, R9780800795573Growing
411DominionAlcorn, R9781590525937Fiction
72Donkey And The King, TheBox, S & Connor, S9781785066481Children
73Don't Close The DoorHarris, D951363212Community
74Don't Fake It ... Say It With LoveHendricks, H G882070509Growing
75Don't Make History Change The FutureSummerfield9780955927768Youth
76Don't Turn Me Off LordBurke, CNoneYouth
77Dug Down DeepHarris, J9789710090655Biography
516East Of The RiverRobin Mark768420225WorshipCD
78Elijah And The Prophets Of Baal LBS 22Frank P & Morris T9780745917672ChildrenLion Bible Story
79Elijah Asks For Bread LBS 21Frank P & Morris T9780745917665ChildrenLion Bible Story
539Empowered By PraiseYoussef, M9781578565511Worship
80End Of StateHart, N9780842384193Fiction
81Epistles To The Ephesians And Colossians, TheSimpson, E K & Bruce, FF802821936Bible Studies
82Eqyptian NightmareMacFarlane, H9781844275359YouthFiction
511Essential 100 - Your Way In To The Heart Of The BibleKuniholm, W T9781844271030Devotional
83Evan AlmightyUniversal5050582524246DVDFilm
84Evangelism & The Sovereignty Of GodPacker, J I9780851103136Growing
85Everlasting Child, TheHamilton, D9780830816736ChildrenFiction
86Every Day With Jesus For Growing Christians: RelationshipsHughes, S9781853450655Growing
87Everybody Is Normal Till You Get To Know ThemOrtberg, J9780310250845Community
88Everyday PrayersBradley M9780745926384ChildrenPrayer
420Explore The Meaning Of Life Team Manual The Alpha CourseThe Alpha Course9781905887897Understanding Christianity
89Fabulous PhoebeLee, K9781859996782ChildrenFiction
90Facing The FactsBatt, W FNoneUnderstanding Christianity
430Faithworks - Trust A Radical ManifestoChalke, S9781850785866Growing
91Family Bible Flip QuizDyson, J9781842361245ChildrenQuestions
92Fight - Winning The Battles That Matter MostGroeschel, C9780310333746Growing
93Finding FaithReed, N9781780784625Testimony
542Finding GodCrabb, L9781850786221Understanding Christianity
467Finding SanctuaryJamison, Abbot C9780297851325Testimony
94Fire Of HeavenMyers, B9780310251132Fiction
95First Easter, The LBS 48Frank P & Haysom J9780745917931ChildrenLion Bible Story
530First FruitsMann, Stevens, Willmington9781853113925Worship
96First Prayers With JesusPiper, S & Mitchell, M9780745962870Children
463First Steps Out Of AnxietyMiddleton, DR K9780745955193Mental Health
502Fishing For The KingBurn, J9781874367604Testimony
97Five Love Languages, TheChapman, G9780802412713Marriage
98Five Love Languages, TheChapman, G9781881273158Marriage
99Five Views On Law And GospelGundry, S N9780310212713Understanding Christianity
535Follow YouHillsong Kids9320428101174DVDCD
100Forbidden Doors 1 The SocietyMyers, B9780842339872YouthFiction
101Forbidden Doors 10 The AncientsMyers, B9780842357432YouthFiction
102Forbidden Doors 11 The WicanMyers, B9780842372039YouthFiction
103Forbidden Doors 12 The CardsMyers, B9780842371858YouthFiction
104Forbidden Doors 2 The DeceivedMyers, B9780842339889YouthFiction
105Forbidden Doors 3 The SpellMyers, B9780842339896YouthFiction
106Forbidden Doors 4 The HauntingMyers, B9780842339919YouthFiction
107Forbidden Doors 5 The GuardianMyers, B9780842339926YouthFiction
108Forbidden Doors 6 The EncounterMyers, B9780842357388YouthFiction
109Forbidden Doors 7 The CurseMyers, B9780842357395YouthFiction
110Forbidden Doors 8 The UndeadMyers, B9780842357401YouthFiction
111Forbidden Doors 9 The ScreamMyers, B9780842357418YouthFiction
475Foundations Of Our FaithEkman, U9789178664818Understanding Christianity
112FractureHarrisville, R A9780802833082Understanding Christianity
410Friends ForeverVermeer, J9781935701019Fiction
113Frogs In CreamGaukroger, S & Mercer, N9780862017149Growing
507From Orphans To HeirsStibbe, M9781841014141Understanding Christianity
114Gaal The ConquerorJohn White9780877845911ChildrenFiction
115Gideon - Soldier Of GodMackenzie C9780906731024ChildrenBible Wise/Alive
407God And MeBoshoff, P9781905051786Children
476God CallingRussell, A J9780853052418Devotional
541God Catchers, TheTenny, T9780785266532Growing
117God Is Beautiful ManBurke, C000622489XYouth
545God Is Closer Than You ThinkOrtberg, J9780310253181Growing
118God Is Closer Than You Think Participant's GuideOrtberg, J9780310266396Growing
119God Is For Real ManBurke, C6219918Youth
120God Meant It For GoodKendall, R T9780860658382Understanding Christianity
121God Meant It For GoodKendall, R T9781842272350Understanding Christianity
122God Speaks To Samuel LBS 16Frank P & Morris T9780856487415ChildrenLion Bible Story
123God's Miracle Man - Story Of ElijahMackenzie C & Apps F9781857920970ChildrenBible Wise/Alive
124God's Not DeadSignature5060262852361DVDFilm
440God's Not Dead 2KaleidoscopeKAL8526DVDFilm
125God's WorldLeah, C & Lewis SCPO?Children
116Gold In My ShoesPrentice, W854761314Biography
126Goodnight PrayersGaze, G9780856480324ChildrenPrayer
404Gospel According To Jesus, TheMacArthur Jr, J F9780310394914Understanding Christianity
489Gospel According To The Simpsons, ThePinsky, M I9780664224196Growing
127Grace Outpouring, TheGodwin, R and Roberts D9781842914045Prayer
533Great Big GodVineyard Songs5028519950529WorshipCD
504Great Compromise, TheLaurie, G9781860240201Understanding Christianity
460Great Divorce, TheLewis, C S9780006228479Understanding Christianity
128Growing To Be Like ChristPurpose Driven9780310246749Growing
129Hail To The KingHillsong London9320428088376DVDCD
130Have You Felt Like Giving Up Lately?Wilkerson, D9780800750428Suffering/Healing
416Healing Through Deliverance 1. The Biblical BasisHorrobin, P9781852400521Suffering/Healing
131Hearing JesusHuggett, J9780863473043Understanding Christianity
132Heart Of SuccessParsons, R9780340786239Community
521Hearts Of The InnocentKutless724387390607WorshipCD
133Heaven Is For RealSony5035822165922DVDFilm
402Hiding Place, TheTen Boom, C9780340208458Testimony
134Highway Code For MarriagePerrott, M & H9781853453311Marriage
135Highway Code For ParentingPerrott, M & H9781853454196Parenting
136Holy Land, TheMurphy-O'Connor, J9780192880130Understanding Christianity
137Honest To God Debate, TheRobinson, J A T, Edwards, D LNoneGrowing
138Horse And His Boy, TheLewis, C S9780006716662ChildrenFiction
419How Can It All Be Right When Everything Is All Wrong?Smedes, L B (Parsons, R)9781850789994Understanding Christianity
139How People GrowCloud, H & Townend, J9780310257370Growing
140How To Give Away Your FaithLittle, P E851103545Growing
461I Became A Christian And All I Got Was This Lousy T-ShirtAntonucci, V9780801068188Testimony
477I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens MeOur Daily BreadE2740Youth
492I Dare YouMeyer, J9780446531979Growing
141I Kissed Dating GoodbyeHarris, J9781590521359Relationships
142I Thought There Would Be CakeWelby-Roberts, K9780281075768Mental Health
456If I Were God I'd Be SorryKirkwood, R9780340627433Children
144If You Want To Walk On Water, You've Got To Get Out Of The BoatOrtberg, J9780310239277Growing
145In The Beginning LBS 1Frank P & Morris T9780745917467ChildrenLion Bible Story
469In The Grip Of GraceLucado, M9780849940903Understanding Christianity
146Insight Into AngerBray, W & Ledger, C9781782597308Mental Health
147Insight Into AnxietyBlake, C & Ledger, C9781853456626Mental Health
148Insight Into StressShepherd, Beverley9781853457906Mental Health
149Iron Sceptre, TheJohn White9780877845898ChildrenFiction
398Is This All There Is To Life?Stedman, R C9781572930582Bible Studies
150Isaac Finds A Wife LBS 5Frank P & Morris T9780745917504ChildrenLion Bible Story
151Jacob and Esau LBS 6Frank P & Morris T9780745917511ChildrenLion Bible Story
152James Faith That WorksLe Peau, A T & P J9780862015282Bible Studies
153Jeremiah And The Great Disaster LBS 25Frank P & Morris T9780745917702ChildrenLion Bible Story
428JesusJesus VPAJesus VPADVDFilm
154Jesus and MeSmit, N9781859854228Children
155Jesus Freaksdc Talk/ VOTM9780863475849YouthBiography
466Jesus Freaks Vol IIdc Talk/ VOTM9780764227462Youth
156Jesus Is - Find A New Way To Be HumanSmith, J9781400204755Understanding Christianity
157Jesus Is My SuperHeroHillsong9320428002365DVDCD
158Jesus Quest, TheAgape9780948860324DVDFilm
159Jesus' Special Friends LBS 34Frank P & Haysom J9780745917795ChildrenLion Bible Story
160Jesus The Best BabyMackenzie, C9781781919811Children
161Jesus The HealerMackenzie C & Anderson J9781857927511ChildrenBible Wise/Alive
162Jesus The SaviourMackenzie C & Anderson J9781857927542ChildrenBible Wise/Alive
163Jesus The StorytellerMackenzie C & Anderson J9781857927504ChildrenBible Wise/Alive
164Jesus The TeacherMackenzie C & Anderson J9781857927535ChildrenBible Wise/Alive
165Jesus The Teacher LBS 35Frank P & Haysom J9780745917801ChildrenLion Bible Story
449Jesus, I Never Knew, TheYancey, P9780310219231Understanding Christianity
166Jesus@LeisureBevnon, G9781850788423Understanding Christianity
167Jigsaw Series: Understanding Gospels TodayDrane, J & Belben, J564078921Bible Studies
168Jingle All The Way20th Century Fox5039036004404DVDFilm
169John Brown Of HaddingtonMackenzie, RNoneBiography
445John Bunyan Grace Abounding With Other Spiritual AutobiographiesBunyan, J9780192821324Biography
170Jonah Runs Away LBS 30Frank P & Morris T9780745917757ChildrenLion Bible Story
481JoniEareckson Tada, J9780720805178Biography
171Joseph And The King Of Eqypt LBS 8Frank P & Morris T9780745917535ChildrenLion Bible Story
172Joseph And The King Of Eqypt LBS 8Frank P & Morris T9780856487330ChildrenLion Bible Story
173Joseph The Dreamer LBS 7Frank P & Morris T9780745917528ChildrenLion Bible Story
174Joshua - The Brave LeaderMackenzie C9780906731123ChildrenBible Wise/Alive
175Journey To The Promised Land LBS 11Frank P & Morris T9780745917566ChildrenLion Bible Story
473Just Like JesusLucado, M9780849937170Growing
176Just WonderingYancey, P9781854246202Questions
177Killing ChristiansDoyle, T9780718030681Testimony
178King David LBS 19Frank P & Morris T9780745917641ChildrenLion Bible Story
179King Nebuchadnezzar's Golden Statue LBS 26Frank P & Ford E9780745917719ChildrenLion Bible Story
180Last Arrow, TheMcManus, E R9781601429537Growing
181Last Battle, TheLewis, C S9780006716693ChildrenFiction
479Last Battle, TheLewis, C S9780007115549ChildrenFiction
505Learning The Joy Of PrayerLea, L9780854763849Prayer
486Leaving Yesterday Behind - A Victim No MoreHines, W9781857923131Suffering/Healing
182Left Behind 10 The RemnantLaHaye T/Jenkins J B9780842332278Fiction
183Left Behind 12 Glorious AppearingLaHaye T/Jenkins J B9780842332359Fiction
184Left Behind 2 Tribulation ForceLaHaye T/Jenkins J B9780842329217Fiction
185Left Behind 3 NicolaeLaHaye T/Jenkins J B9780842329248Fiction
186Left Behind 4 Soul HarvestLaHaye T/Jenkins J B9780842329255Fiction
187Left Behind 5 ApollyonLaHaye T/Jenkins J B9780842329262Fiction
188Left Behind 7 The IndwellingLaHaye T/Jenkins J B9780842329286Fiction
189Left Behind 9 DesecrationLaHaye T/Jenkins J B9780842332262Fiction
190Left Behind The Kids 10 On The RunLaHaye T/Jenkins J B9780842343305YouthFiction
191Left Behind The Kids 11 Into The StormLaHaye T/Jenkins J B9780842343312YouthFiction
192Left Behind The Kids 13 The ShowdownLaHaye T/Jenkins J B9780842342940YouthFiction
193Left Behind The Kids 14 Judgment DayLaHaye T/Jenkins J B9780842342957YouthFiction
194Left Behind The Kids 15 Battling The CommanderLaHaye T/Jenkins J B842342966YouthFiction
195Left Behind The Kids 16 Fire From HeavenLaHaye T/Jenkins J B842342974YouthFiction
196Left Behind The Kids 17 Terror In The StadiumLaHaye T/Jenkins J B842342990YouthFiction
197Left Behind The Kids 18 Darkening The SkiesLaHaye T/Jenkins J B842343121YouthFiction
198Left Behind The Kids 19 Attack Of ApollyonLaHaye T/Jenkins J B084234313XYouthFiction
199Left Behind The Kids 20 A Dangerous PlanLaHaye T/Jenkins J B842343148YouthFiction
200Left Behind The Kids 21 Secrets Of New BabylonLaHaye T/Jenkins J B842343156YouthFiction
201Left Behind The Kids 22 Escape From New BabylonLaHaye T/Jenkins J B842343164YouthFiction
202Left Behind The Kids 23 Horsemen Of TerrorLaHaye T/Jenkins J B842343172YouthFiction
203Left Behind The Kids 24 Uplink From The UndergroundLaHaye T/Jenkins J B842343180YouthFiction
204Left Behind The Kids 3 Through The FlamesLaHaye T/Jenkins J B9780842321952YouthFiction
205Left Behind The Kids 4 Facing The FutureLaHaye T/Jenkins J B9780842321969YouthFiction
206Left Behind The Kids 5 Nicolae HighLaHaye T/Jenkins J B9780842343251YouthFiction
207Left Behind The Kids 6 The UndergroundLaHaye T/Jenkins J B9780842343268YouthFiction
208Left Behind The Kids 7 BustedLaHaye T/Jenkins J B9780842343275YouthFiction
209Left Behind The Kids 8 Death StrikeLaHaye T/Jenkins J B9780842343282YouthFiction
210Left Behind The Kids 9 The SearchLaHaye T/Jenkins J B9780842343299YouthFiction
211Let My People Go! LBS 10Frank P & Morris T9780745917559ChildrenLion Bible Story
513Let Your Glory FallDon Moen768115220WorshipCD
442Letters To GodMission883476027661DVDFilm
436Liberator, TheLacey, R9780310258179Bible/NT
212Life HurtsMcNaught, Dr E9781910786659Suffering/Healing
534Life On The FronlineLICC9780903452250DVDCourse
406Life, TheJ John9781860242830Understanding Christianity
213Life, TheJ John9781860244988Understanding Christianity
214Light ForceBrother Andrew/Janssen A9780340862711Biography
215Light, Sky, Land and SeaLeah, C & Lewis SCPO3076Children
216Lions And The Servant, TheBox, S & Connor, S9781785066535Children
217Listening To GodHuggett, J9780340392744Understanding Christianity
218Live Love LeadHouston, B9781473618787Growing
537Live, Love, LeadHouston, B9781460751145Biography
219Living Word Curriculum: Jesus, The Son Of GodBathauer, RNoneYouthBible Studies
220Look To YouHillsong United9320428002471Worship
221Lord Of The Journey, ThePooley, R & Seddon, P9780005998342Understanding Christianity
222Lord's PrayerLouis Rock9780745939018ChildrenPrayer
547Love And RespectEggerrichs, Dr E9780785289623Marriage
223Love Killer, TheMcDowell, J & Hostetler, B9780842365901YouthFiction
527Love Ran RedChris Tomlin602537934706WorshipCD
224Magician's Nephew, TheLewis, C S9780006716679ChildrenFiction
225Magnify Your Vision For The Small ChurchRowell, J9780966885309Community
226Making It WorkGaukroger, S9780862015060Growing
498Manga Bible, The - NLTTyndale House9781414316796Bible/NT
227MarylandLough, L9781593109097Fiction
522Max Lucado - Outlive Your Life - Songs That Make A DifferenceVarious878207006428WorshipCD
423Mega Top Tips On Offering The Best Children's MinistryButler, P9781844275328Children
228Mere ChristianityLewis, C S9780006245704Understanding Christianity
229Mere ChristianityLewis, C S9780007461219Understanding Christianity
230Mere ChristianityLewis, C S9780008254599Understanding Christianity
231Message New Testament, ThePeterson, E9780891098539Bible/NT
414Miracle HourSchubert, L9780963264305Prayer
232MiraclesLewis, C S000623738XUnderstanding Christianity
233Missing JewelMoir, L9781434711397Worship
234Mister LeprosyThompson, P340258373Biography
235Moments Together For Weathering Life's StormsRainey, D & B9780830733293Suffering/Healing
544MorePonsonby, S9781434765383Growing
236More Tales From The ArkRowlands A9780745930352Children
237More Than A CarpenterMcDowell, J860650529Questions
238Most Powerful Prayer On Earth, TheHorrobin, P9780830734221Prayer
239My Country WeptKomanapalli, J9781780784649Biography
240My Prayer BookJeffrey, G9780862094461ChildrenPrayer
399My StoryHughes, S9781853452963Biography
464My StoryHughes, S9781853454172Biography
523My Utmost For His HighestVarious80688341022WorshipCD
241Mystery Of Peasant Cottage, TheSt John, P854215522ChildrenFiction
242Naaman's Dreadful Secret LBS 23Frank P & Morris T9780745917689ChildrenLion Bible Story
243Nativity Story, TheNew Line Cinema5017239194795DVDFilm
143NCV Youth BibleAuthentic9781860243561Bible/NT
471New Believer's Bible NT NLTTyndale House9780842340052Bible/NT
494New Testament TalesHartman, B9780745944050Children
244New Testament Tales, The Unauthorised VersionHartman, B9780745962849Children
245NirV New TestamentBiblica9781908880918Bible/NT
246NIV Life Application Study BibleTyndale House854763120Bible/NT
247NLC: Book Of Revelation, TheMounce, R H551055804Bible Studies
248NLT WordHillsong9780956620200Bible/NTYouth
249No Love LostLee, K9781844272525YouthFiction
432No Turning BackVerwer, G9781850782506Understanding Christianity
250Noah's Ark - A Lion First Bible BookBox, S & Baxter L9780745947471Children
435Nooma StoreBell, RNooma 016DVDMessage
251Normal Christian Life, TheNee, WNoneUnderstanding Christianity
252Nothing Else MattersSt John, P854219722ChildrenFiction
253NRSV Holy BibleOUP16787Bible/NT
254Nurse Amon The Rebels & Other StoriesPark, G854215891Children
255Old Testament Challege 1: Creating A New CommunityOrtberg, J9780310248934Community
495Old Testament TalesHartman, B9780745944074Children
256Old Testament Tales, The Unauthorised VersionHartman, B9780745962832Children
257On The Side Of The AngelsSmith, J9780745913285Testimony
258One In The SpiritWatson, D034007580XUnderstanding Christianity
259One Month To LiveShook, K & C9781400074839Growing
261Oswain And The Batte For AlamoreHoughton J9780854769629ChildrenFiction
260Oswain And The Mystery Of The Star StoneHoughton J9780854769681ChildrenFiction
262Parables Of The Gospels, TheMartin, HSCMBible Studies
503Passion For JesusBickle, M9780854764099Growing
263Passion For Your NameHughes, T9781842911754Worship
264Paul Apostle Of The Free SpiritBruce, F F9780853643081Biography
265Paul The Prisoner LBS 52Frank P & Ford E9780745917979ChildrenLion Bible Story
531Payable On DeathP.O.D.7567932202WorshipCD
266People Jesus Met LBS 45Frank P & Haysom J9780856487705ChildrenLion Bible Story
267People Of The LiePeck, M S9780099728603Biography
268Peter Speak For GodGraeber C & Pinchbeck N862014166Children
269Phoebe Finds Her FeetLee, K9781859997017ChildrenFiction
270Pilgrim's Progress, TheBunyan J/Thomas J H9780854761753ChildrenFiction
271Pocket Prayers For Peace And JusticeChristian Aid9780715140215Prayer
272Power Of A Praying Parent, TheOmartian, S9780854769438Relationships
273Power Of A Praying Teen, TheOmartian, S9780736901901YouthPrayer
274Power Of A Praying Wife, TheOmartian, S9780854769247Relationships
497Practice Of HonorSilk, D9780768441352Growing
275PrayerHallesby, O851103154Prayer
276Prayer - Does It Make Any Difference?Yancey, P9780340909089Prayer
277Prayers Of LifeQuoist, M717101584Prayer
278Prayers Of Peter Marshall, TheMarshall, P000621410XPrayer
279Praying For EnglandWells S & Coakley S9780567032300Prayer
280Precious Pearl, TheButterworth N & Inkpen M9780551012783Children
281Prince CaspianLewis, C S9780006746648ChildrenFiction
282Prince CaspianLewis, C S9780261670495ChildrenFiction
283Prince Of EqyptDreamworks5051189122934DVDFilm
284Princess And The Baby, The LBS 9Frank P & Morris T9780745917542ChildrenLion Bible Story
437Promises To Keep Daily Devotionals For Men Seeking IntegrityHarrison, N9780060638856Devotional
455Purpose Driven Life, The - What Am I Here For?Warren, R9780310210740Growing
453Purpose Driven Life, The - What Am I Here For? DVDWarren, R2598627864DVDCourse
454Purpose Driven Life, The - What Am I Here For? Study GuideWarren, R9780310278665Bible Studies
285Pursuit Of Holiness, TheBridges, J9781850785668Growing
286Pursuit Of Holiness, The - Study GuideBridges, J9780891090250Growing
287Queen Esther Saves Her People LBS 28Frank P & Morris T9780745917733ChildrenLion Bible Story
288Quest For The KingJohn White9780877845928ChildrenFiction
289Questions On The Christian Faith Answered From The BiblePrime, D340026286Questions
290Radical Disciple, TheStott, J9781844749072Understanding Christianity
291Rainbow GardenSt John, P854218815ChildrenFiction
292Rainbow GardenSt John, P9781844273003ChildrenFiction
491Reaching For The Invisible GodYancey, P9780310235316Growing
506Real Christians (Don't) DanceFischer, J9780850093568Understanding Christianity
483Reasons For My HopeVan Den Toren, B9781854248633Understanding Christianity
413Red Letter Questions, TheHarris, D9780882703329Questions
293Reign In LifePrince, J9789810936792Devotional
294Rescue Plan, The - Story Of NoahMackenzie C & Apps F9781857924664ChildrenBible Wise/Alive
295Return Of The Prodigal SonNouwen, H J M9780232520781Growing
401Return, TheJ John9780340995143Bible Studies
526Rock Of Ages - Rock Worship SongsVarious5099945861727WorshipCD
296Rumours Of Another WorldYancey, P9780310255246Understanding Christianity
297Saint Paul's Epistle To The PhilippiansLightfoot, J BZondervan 15702Bible Studies
298Sarah & Paul Go To The MuseumPrime, D9781871676365ChildrenFiction
299Sarah & Paul Go To The SeasidePrime, D9781871676341ChildrenFiction
300Sarah & Paul Have A VisitorPrime, D9781871676198ChildrenFiction
301Sarah & Paul Make A ScrapbookPrime, D9781871676358ChildrenFiction
302Sarah & Paul On Holiday AgainPrime, D9781871676372ChildrenFiction
303Saying It WellSwindoll, C R9780892968312Growing
408Scientific Facts In The BibleComfort, R9780882708799Bible Studies
304Screwtape Letters, TheLewis, C S000624565XUnderstanding Christianity
305Searching IssuesGumbel, N9780854767397Questions
441Season Of A LifetimeWordWD9-10474DVDFilm
400Secret BelieversBrother Andrew/Janssen A9780340909324Biography
306Secret Keeper Power PakGresh, D9780802439734Youth
307Secret Of Happiness, TheGraham, B9780849943812Growing
308Secret Of The Fourth Candle, TheSt John, P9780854215867ChildrenFiction
309Secrets Jesus Told LBS 37Frank P & Haysom J9780745917825ChildrenLion Bible Story
310Secrets Of The Vine For TeensWilkinson, B9781576739228Youth
311Secular Work Is Full-Time ServicePeabody, L900284366Growing
459Seriously FunnyPlass, A & Lucas, J9781850788690Growing
451Seriously Funny 2Plass, A & Lucas, J9781850789673Growing
312Seriously RichPidgley, R9781860242809Biography
313Seven-Mile MiracleFurtick, S9781601429247Understanding Christianity
314Shack, TheeOneUK5039036081672DVDFilm
315Shack, TheYoung, W P9780340979495Fiction
512Shout To The LordHillsong Australia76808952WorshipCD
316Simply JesusWright, T9780281064793Understanding Christianity
501Sing HallelujahKingsway Music9780854767274Worship
514Sissel 1986 De Beste 2006Sissel602517124738WorshipCD
317Six Months To LiveHallock, D9780874869033Suffering/HealingBiography
318Sixty Minute Family, TheParsons, R9780745953830Relationships
319Sixty Minute Father, TheParsons, R9780340995617Parenting
320Sixty Minute Grandparent, TheParsons, R9781444745696Parenting
321Sixty Minute Marriage, TheParsons, R9780340995976Marriage
517So Close To YouKent Henry768115428WorshipCD
322Solomon's Golden Temple LBS 20Frank P & Morris T9780745917658ChildrenLion Bible Story
323Sometimes I WeepWalsh, KSCM BC 211Worship
324Soul PurposeJohn, J9781860246425Understanding Christianity
325Soul SurvivorYancey, P9780340786000Biography
326Soul's Intent, TheVecchio9780595500123Growing
515Speaking Louder Than BeforeJeremy Camp5099922678027WorshipCD
327Special Baby, TheCF4K9781857924640Children
328Spread The WordSAM BooksZ9991889Understanding Christianity
329Stand FirmJeffrey, P900898879Youth
330Stand Up And Be CountedKendall, R T9780340351758Understanding Christianity
331Stengthening Your GripSwindoll, C R9780340339046Growing
332Stories Jesus Told - Ten Silver CoinsButterworth N & Inkpen M9780551028821Children
333Story Of The Good Samariton, The LBS 38Frank P & Morris T9780856487637ChildrenLion Bible Story
334Story Of The Great Feast, The LBS 41Frank P & Morris T9780856487668ChildrenLion Bible Story
335Story Of The Lost Sheep, The LBS 42Frank P & Morris T9780745917870ChildrenLion Bible Story
336Story Of Two Brothers LBS 40Frank P & Haysom J9780745917856ChildrenLion Bible Story
337StorylinesCroft, A & Pilavachi, M9781842913840Bible Studies
518Super Strong GodHillsong Kids9320428002617WorshipCD
519SupernaturalHillsong Kids9320428003171WorshipCD
338Surprised By HopeWright, T9780281056170Understanding Christianity
339Surprised By JoyLewis, C S9780007461271Testimony
340Survivor SongbookMoir L/Redman M9780854769797Worship
499Survivor Songbook 5, TheSoul Survivor9781842913970Worship
341Sword Bearer, TheJohn White9780877845904ChildrenFiction
342Tale Of Three Kings, AEdwards, G9780842369084Suffering/Healing
343Tales From The ArkRowlands A9780745923758Children
344Tanglewood Secret, TheSt John, P854218807ChildrenFiction
345Teach Yourself To PrayWinward, S FNonePrayer
346Teenage GuysGerali, S9780310269854YouthMen
347Teenagers What Every Parent Has To KnowParsons, R9780340862766Parenting
348Tell Me WhyNovak, M & J9780745944289Questions
433Telling The BibleHartman, B9780745951249Bible Studies
540The CallJoyer, R9781878327840Fiction
349The Cat's Tale - Jesus At The WeddingButterworth N & Inkpen M9780551028784Children
350The Fearless Fighter - Story Of DavidMackenzie C & Apps F9781857921984ChildrenBible Wise/Alive
528The FloodSoul Survivor768533222WorshipCD
351The Mouse's Tale - Jesus And The StormButterworth N & Inkpen M9780551028753Children
482The PennyMeyer, J9780340943878Fiction
352The Rainbow's End & Other Tales From The ArkRowlands A9780745940731Children
353The Wonderful Promise - Sarah And AbrahamMackenzie C & Apps F9781857921564ChildrenBible Wise/Alive
452There Are No Ordinary PeopleLucas, J9781782592990Bible Studies
457There Are No Strong PeopleLucas, J9781853456244Bible Studies
354Thieves Of Tyburn Square, TheJackson, D & N9781556614705ChildrenFiction
355This Is Our GodHillsong9320428071200DVDCD
356This Is Our GodHillsong9320428073587Worship
357This JesusDay, D851104150Understanding Christianity
358Time LotteryMoser, N9781593106690Fiction
359TNIV New TestamentHodder9780340908365Bible/NT
543To Know You MorePark, A9781842911235Worship
360Too Busy Not To PrayHybels, B9780851108964Prayer
424Top Tips On Helping A Child Respond To JesusFranklin, Hutchinson, Willoughby9781844273874Children
421Top Tips On Running Holiday ClubsBrackpool, Franklin, Hutchinson9781844275410Children
422Top Tips On Working With LadsWitham, Barfield9781844275670Children
425Top Tips On Worshipping With Under 5sDayer, A9781844275687Children
361Tower Of GeburahJohn White9780877845607ChildrenFiction
362Tracing The RainbowMartinez P & Hull A9781850784876Suffering/Healing
403Tramp For The LordTen Boom, C9780340200742Testimony
363Transformed Into His ImageFoster, D K9780964500051Understanding Christianity
364Treasures Of The SnowSt John, P9781844272983ChildrenFiction
365Tuesdays With MatthewNappa, M9780781438711YouthFiction
366Turning PointsRoberts, V9781850783367Questions
367Ultimate QuestionsBlanchard, J852342373Questions
443Unbelievable? The Conference 2014 Reasonable Faith In An Uncertain WorldPremierBiola UniversityDVDConference
368UndauntedCaine, C9780310333876Testimony
462Unmerited FavorPrince, J9789810867805Understanding Christianity
369VanyaGrant, M854762221Biography
370Velocity Moving To A Solid FaithDunn, S9780800758653Youth
371Voyage Of The Dawn TreaderLewis, C S9780261670501ChildrenFiction
478Voyage Of The Dawn Treader, TheLewis, C S9780007115600ChildrenFiction
372Voyage Of The DawntreaderLewis, C S9780006716655ChildrenFiction
373War RoomSony5060424950034DVDFilm
374Way I Was Made, TheTomlin, C9781590523278Worship
520Welcome HomeRon Kenoly768108123WorshipCD
375What About Other Faiths?Goldsmith, M9780340861509Questions
376What The Scriptures TeachKevan, E FNoneUnderstanding Christianity
377What's So Amazing About Grace?Yancey, P9780310245650Understanding Christianity
378When Faith Gets ShakenRegan, P9780857216465Testimony
379When God Becomes RealJohnson, B9781947165571Mental Health
508When God Makes No SenseMiller, B B9781683160168Bible Studies
484When Grace Showed UpSmith, T&J9781434710314Testimony
380When Jesus Was Young LBS 33Frank P & Haysom J9780745917788ChildrenLion Bible Story
381When The Roof Caves InOMF997197231XSuffering/Healing
382Where Is God When It Hurts?Yancey, P720804949Suffering/Healing
383Who Cares?Young, BMalaysian CareTestimony
384Who Is The Holy SpiritPrince, D9781901144154Understanding Christianity
385WholenessWimber, C9780857219176Mental Health
386Why Christian Women Convert To IslamSookhdeo, R9780978714116Questions
387Why Jesus?Gumbel, N9780860659662Questions
388Why Jesus?Gumbel, N9781898838456Questions
389Why Jesus?Gumbel, N9781904074571Questions
470Wigglesworth The Complete StoryWilson, J9781860248405Biography
390Wild At HeartEldridge, J9780785287964Relationships
391Wild At HeartEldridge, J078522663XRelationships
392Winners In ChristRobertson, N9781898349013Mental Health
490Women God's Secret WeaponSilvoso, E9780830728879Growing
500Worship Songbook, TheKingsway9781842914540Worship
393Worship, Evangelism, JusticePilavachi M/Hoeksma L9781842912843Worship
394Would You Believe It?St John, P720805481Children
395Yes But ... Reasonable Questions About Living FaithForster, R & Marston, P854760970Questions
396You Can Really GrowHindley, J9781910307373Growing
525You Make Me BraveBethel Music700615372645WorshipCD
493You'll Get Over ItIronside, V9780140236088Suffering/Healing
446Yun The Illustrated Story Of The Heavenly ManBrother Jun & Hattaway, P9781854247445Youth
397Zebras And The Big Boat, TheBox, S & Connor, S9781785066528Children

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