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Kingfisher Network was launched in India in 2010, with churches now in and round Delhi, and stretching up to the northern boarders. In 2012, a Bible Training School was launched in Harridwar, in the heart of Hinduism in the north of India. This school attracted students from far and wide, with the emphasis on Bible training and practical experience. As a result of this, a church was launched – the only one in Harridwar – and has since grown to 1500 people, all converts from Hinduism.

In 2016 James visited some of our churches in India for a Leadership Conference and was able to interview a few of the pastors that lead Kingfisher Churches in India so we get to hear directly from them about what God is doing in their churches!

Christianity in India is growing fastThough the Christian church in India goes back to the time of St. Thomas the Apostle, church growth in India has been slow until now. India is predominately Hindu (74%), with some Muslims (20%) The truly exciting thing is that the percentage of Christians has increased substantially from 2.5% a decade ago to about 5.8% today. That represents a huge increase in the growth rate. Because of how religious affiliation is recognised – a convert from Hinduism to Christianity is still officially recognised as a Hindu until they have undergone a lengthly and costly legal process of re-registering as a Christian – the true number of Christians is likely to be a lot higher. Indeed, in Nagaland Province, 90.2% of the population are Christian!
In 2011, Simon Haq was appointed as National Director for Kingfisher in India. His role is to oversee the development of the Network in India, planting churches, training leaders, communicating all that the Lord is doing in India to the wider Network.

Simon Haq is, first and foremost an evangelist and has seen many thousands come to faith in Jesus Christ. He has planted many churches and has a gift for encouraging community and fellowship among Christians. He first met James in 1997, when James was teaching in Dehra Dun. Simon, who was considering a potential call from God to become a pastor at the time, was impacted by that teaching and took this as confirmation of God’s call. He took the teaching from that meeting and used it to launch a church. Thirteen years passed before James heard from him again, when Simon invited him to come back to India. James responded and the Network in India was born!